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Intermediate Photo class – Eye wander Photo – Baton Rouge – Come learn!

Intermediate Photography Class – Eye Wander Photo – Baton Rouge – Louisiana
Aaron Hogan of Eye Wander Photo in Baton Rouge is teaching an intense intermediate photo course for those seeking to dramatically improve their photography skills using a DSLR/mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. We do recommend taking our Basic Photography class prior to the Intermediate.

This class consists of Five 3+ hour classes and is a $475 investment. It will take place at Aaron’s home studio in the Old Goodwood area, as well as two field trips (Downtown Baton Rouge and Arsenal Park near the State Capitol).

This class is not for point-and-shoot compact camera users. You must have either a DSLR or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. 
Please see class requirements below.May 8th is the final day to register for the 5-part Intermediate digital photography class
Shooting at Rural Life
HOW MUCH: The price for registration is $475/student with a friend/family member at $400. There’s a limit to only one friend/family member at this special $400 price.

Shutter speeds based on focal length, Light metering, Histogram reading, long exposure shots 
Focus tracking modes, understanding the power of background/foreground in composition 
On-camera and off-camera flashes with different angles, reflectors, finding the best light 
Using Lightroom, how to back-up your images, file management,
cropping, basic editing skills 
Subject placement, background selection, lighting to complement subject
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Fun model shoot
The class will be 4 parts and will go from May 8th to the 22nd. There will be two classes scheduled for the studio and two field trips.

▪May 8th (Wednesday)- 5:30-9:30pm Class 1
▪May 12th (Sunday)- 5:30-9:30pm – Field Trip #1: Golden Hour/ Evening
▪May 15th (Wednesday)- 5:30-9:30pm Class 2
▪May 19th (Sunday) – 9:00am-12pm Field Trip #2: Arsenal Park (near State Capitol)▪May 22nd (Wednesday) – 5:30-9:30pm Class 3
The Eye Wander Photo Studio at 244 Linda Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(near Lobdell at Government St). Click here for map.
* Tripod 
* ND filter 
* Lightroom/Photoshop Subscription ($10/mo) 
* Reflector 
* Circular Polarizer 
* (2) external hard drives 
* 50mm 1.8 lens 
* 70-200 f2.8 or 4 ($1000 used) 
* 35mm 1.8 lens (optional)
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On Location shooting
Click here to register for our intermediate photo class. After registration, the payment page loads. Be sure to tell your friends who are interested in learning more about how to create beautiful photography and capture raw moments.Check made payable to Eye Wander Photo and mailed to: 
7341 Jefferson Hwy Suite M, Baton Rouge, LA 70806. 
You can pay via credit card here
The 2nd person you bring can pay theirs via the link above also.All payments are non-refundable and if you cannot make a portion of the class or miss multiple days, no refund will be provided for the missed class(es). Ensure you can make the majority of the classes and field trips before you sign up, please.

Feel free to contact Eye Wander Photo with any questions, concerns or advice that you might need.Call: 225.366.4567Email: [email protected]We are looking forward to these exciting and educational classes!Feel free to pass this email on or share it on Facebook with anyone you might know interested in taking this class!

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