We love what we do, we love seeing your face when we show you yourself at your most beautiful; your family at their most connected; your children at their most innocent.

Wedding Photography – Kaitlyn and Matthew Skapura – Istrouma Baptist – Baton Rouge Country Club

Matt and Kaitlyn have been dating since high school. We have watched them grow up so we felt honored to be a part of their wedding at Istrouma Baptist and Baton Rouge Country Club. Kaitlyn Anton is special to us at Eye Wander Photo because we have been photographing her since she was a junior in high school. She has always been full of smiles and charm. Her easy-going nature is fun to be around, which made her such a great bride to photograph. Even though she had one of our most glamorous weddings ever, her humble and kind natured spirit was felt by all on her wedding day. We look forward to watching Matt and Kaitlyn in the years to come. Best wishes to this beautiful couple full of life!


Wedding planner ~ Leslie Campbell Weddings

Florist ~ Ricky Heroman’s 

Cake ~ Ambrosia Bakery

Photography  ~ Eye Wander Photo

Videographer ~ Montoto Productions

Jewelry – Anton’s Fine Jewelry 

Band ~ Big Night Dynamite

Bridal Gown ~ I Do Bridal

Food and Beverage: Baton Rouge Country Club

Makeup ~ Dina and Olga at Lancome

Hair ~ Via Vento Salon

Invitations ~ Paper and Things

Rentals ~ Event Rental and Luminous Events

Gelato – City Gelato




KM_wedding0855 KM_wedding0878 KM_wedding0972 KM_wedding0993 KM_wedding1017 KM_wedding1037 KM_wedding1053
KM_wedding1103 KM_wedding1113 KM_wedding1124 KM_wedding1151 KM_wedding1187 KM_wedding1236 KM_wedding1263 KM_wedding1376 KM_wedding1393 KM_wedding1402 KM_wedding1434 KM_wedding1490 KM_wedding1583 KM_wedding1704 KM_wedding1752 KM_wedding1756 KM_wedding1827 KM_wedding1871 KM_wedding1964 KM_wedding2144 KM_wedding2234 KM_wedding2257 KM_wedding2340 KM_wedding2361 KM_wedding2393 KM_wedding2645 KM_wedding2674 KM_wedding2690 KM_wedding2841 KM_wedding3015 KM_wedding3419 KM_wedding3488 KM_wedding3760
KM_wedding4371 KM_wedding4373 KM_wedding4460 KM_wedding4478 KM_wedding4482 KM_wedding4491 KM_wedding4567 KM_wedding4578 KM_wedding4601 KM_wedding4606 KM_wedding4636 KM_wedding4645 KM_wedding4681 KM_wedding4864 KM_wedding4898 KM_wedding4954 KM_wedding5003 KM_wedding5110 KM_wedding5263 KM_wedding5352 KM_wedding5413 KM_wedding5482 KM_wedding5500 KM_wedding6338 KM_wedding6353 KM_wedding6410 KM_wedding6426 KM_wedding6430 KM_wedding6439KM_wedding6634KM_wedding6125KM_wedding6024

KM_wedding6616 KM_wedding6990 KM_wedding7029 KM_wedding7051 KM_wedding7117 KM_wedding7155 KM_wedding7232 KM_wedding7566 KM_wedding7718 KM_wedding7806KM_wedding8355 KM_wedding8163 KM_wedding8840
KM_wedding8955 KM_wedding9015 KM_wedding9090thew

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