Senior Sessions FAQs

Eye Wander Photo is a boutique portrait studio focusing on the unique experience of each client.  We specialize in senior portraiture mixed with energetic and artistic imagery, allowing us to offer an experience and quality level that is unrivaled in our area.  This practice results in images that are exclusively tailored to each and every individual.

We believe that you deserve exceptional art for your home, and we strive to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will never be forgotten.

How much will portraits cost?
The portrait session and final images that you select is entirely dependent on you.  We understand that the session type that you choose is dependent on your individual style and tastes, and that each person’s image needs vary.  Depending on the session that you choose, you will have a minimum of 25-60 images to select from at your ordering appointment.

You do not have to make any final decisions until the day of your ordering appointment.

Do you photograph guy’s senior portraits? 
Of course!  Even senior guys need photos too!  We love showing off the unique style of our guys, whatever it may be –sports, urban, skateboarding, techy, whatever your taste is. We love to focus on having fun and showing off YOUR individual style.

Do I have to come in for a consultation?  
Yes! We require an in-person consultation so we can truly capture the “real” you.  This way we can show you examples of our portraits and work with you to create the perfect senior session for your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Can I bring my dog?
Yes! We welcome pets to indoor or outdoor sessions but you might want to have a person on hand to take care of them for when you take solo photos.

Do you photograph sessions in your studio or on location?

Both! The location is based on which package you choose. Our in-studio session is prop based, dependent on your interests and hobbies.  We also photograph seniors on location – from urban settings to vintage fields to custom locations, we create the senior experience that YOU want.

In our studio we photograph with both natural light and fashion studio lighting – we want to make sure you have a variety of looks to show off your individual style.  On location we also photograph with numerous location lighting techniques – from fashion lighting to natural light and more.

How many outfits can I bring?
This depends on the package that you choose. If you pick a package with unlimited outfit changes please note that, in general, we can typically photograph 4-5 outfits per hour, however this is entirely dependent on you.  The more time you spend getting ready between outfits, the fewer outfits we will get to and so forth.

Be sure to check out our What to Wear Guide to see some suggestions and guidelines for your senior portraits.

How long do you keep my image files?
All ordered images are archived for a period of 3 years.

When do I see my senior pictures?
You will see your photos at the ordering appointment which should take place 1-2 weeks after your session. You might also see a sneak peak on our facebook page!

I want to wear my hair two different ways – can I do that at my session?
If you are wanting to wear your hair in two distinctly different ways – such as curly and straight – we encourage you to book two separate sessions.

If you are simply wanting to change up your look a little during your session – such as pulling part, or all, of your hair up for certain outfits – you can absolutely do that during any of our sessions.

Do you photograph yearbook headshots?
Check your school’s guidelines for yearbook headshots.  If you are allowed to select your own image to submit from your senior portrait session, then we can photograph any type of image that you would like for your yearbook.

Will my photos be retouched?
The studio will do basic skin smoothing, basic hair smoothing (up to 2 hairs removed from in front of face; light frizziness removal around crown of head) and whiten teeth at no charge. Retouching of braces, glasses and clothing is additional if requested.

What if it rains during my session?
We will reschedule your session for the next available date at your convenience.

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