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Sam Hall dives into the future

Diving into the future

Baton Rouge Magnet High senior Sam Hall possibly could have waited until graduation day for an underwater photo shoot – Mother Nature dumped 12 inches of rain on the Capital City May 17 flooding streets, homes and businesses. Fortunately, graduation ceremonies wrapped up just before the bottom fell out of the sky, and Sam had done his splashing around in the water much, much earlier in the safety of swimming pool owned by a friend of Eye Wander Photo owner Aaron Hogan.

Underwater photo shoots are among Aaron’s favorites and Sam, being the adventuresome guy he is, was all about donning a suit and, quite literally, jumping in the deep end. Swimming is just one of Sam’s passions. He loves Jazz, playing his saxophone and rock climbing. In fact, his dream job is to one day be a climbing gear designer. And one day, we can say we knew him when.

Diving into the future
Diving into the future
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