We love what we do, we love seeing your face when we show you yourself at your most beautiful; your family at their most connected; your children at their most innocent.

Olivia & John Cornwell – Southern Oaks Plantation – New Orleans Wedding Photography

Rain did not stop the fun at John and Olivia’s New Orleans, Southern Oak Plantation wedding. It actually made it more adventurous and spontaneous than most weddings we photograph. The men braved the rain with umbrellas for epic groomsmen shot under the bridge. We also found beauty under the Pantheon at City Park where we had fun photographing one of the most fun wedding parties in history. Olivia and John are amazing we were happy to be apart of their special day. We hope that our photos create a way to relive one of the most important events of their life forever.


OJ_wedding0011 OJ_wedding0135 OJ_wedding0235 OJ_wedding0439 OJ_wedding0628 OJ_wedding0642 OJ_wedding0644 OJ_wedding0734 OJ_wedding0826 OJ_wedding0849 OJ_wedding0862 OJ_wedding1006 OJ_wedding1018 OJ_wedding1089 OJ_wedding1338 OJ_wedding1465 OJ_wedding1668 OJ_wedding1712 OJ_wedding1768 OJ_wedding1861 OJ_wedding1920 OJ_wedding2511 OJ_wedding2754 OJ_wedding2925 OJ_wedding3050 OJ_wedding3065 OJ_wedding3455 OJ_wedding3520 OJ_wedding3725 OJ_wedding4238 OJ_wedding4283 OJ_wedding4326

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