We love what we do, we love seeing your face when we show you yourself at your most beautiful; your family at their most connected; your children at their most innocent.

Elegant Wedding – Dynamic Duo – Leah Johnson and Randy Guillaume – Baton Rouge – Louisiana

Dynamic Duo, Randy and Leah are one of our absolute favorite couples to photograph. We saw the beauty when we first photographed them for their engagement session in 2017.  They are stunning but what is amazing about them is their personalities and how they compliment each other.  Baton Rouge is lucky to have them. Leah works at one of the most elegant and favored stores in Baton Rouge called Chatta Box Boutique, and you can see her exquisite style throughout her wedding. Were were so thankful to be apart of their wedding experience, the wedding was one of the smoothest due to the amazing planning of Leslie Campell Weddings.  They were married at St. Agnes Catholic Church and the reception was at the new a beautiful Pointe Marie the new Guillaume “Seaside” like development in Baton Rouge. At the reception, you could feel the love of all the people surrounding them. We wish them the best for the years to come.


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