High School Senior Photography – Rural Life Museum – St. Joseph’s Academy – Baton Rouge – Louisiana – Eye Wander Photo

St. Joseph’s Academy senior, Meredith Landry, was so much fun to photograph. We went out to the LSU Rural Life Museum because she wanted to capture nature in her senior photos. The weather was perfect and Meredith is one of those young gals who is just such a delight to be around. Meredith’s beautiful spirit truly radiates in these pictures. We have asked her to be a model for us in the future, and we hope to get to work with her again soon.


MLandry_senior_011 MLandry_senior_017 MLandry_senior_023 MLandry_senior_030 MLandry_senior_056 MLandry_senior_079 MLandry_senior_101 MLandry_senior_128 MLandry_senior_146 MLandry_senior_181 MLandry_senior_190 MLandry_senior_259 MLandry_senior_284 MLandry_senior_305 MLandry_senior_311 MLandry_senior_327 MLandry_senior_339 MLandry_senior_349 MLandry_senior_382 MLandry_senior_386 MLandry_senior_395 MLandry_senior_420 MLandry_senior_489 MLandry_senior_498 MLandry_senior_500

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