Fun Family Photography – Wild – Happy – Free – Baton Rouge – Saint Francisville – Louisiana

Family Photography can be so much fun!! The Seal family was a blast to shoot. The kids and the the parents are both free-spirited and have lots of energy. We love letting the children run around and be children. Some of the most adorable candid shots happen when kids are wild and free. Baby girl wore the cutest “All you need is Love” t-shirt towards the end of the shoot. There is a lot of love flowing in this family.



Seal_family2017_017 Seal_family2017_037 Seal_family2017_053 Seal_family2017_097
Seal_family2017_179 Seal_family2017_293 Seal_family2017_318 Seal_family2017_342
Seal_family2017_403 Seal_family2017_411 Seal_family2017_439 Seal_family2017_463 Seal_family2017_487 Seal_family2017_528 Seal_family2017_553 Seal_family2017_564 Seal_family2017_582 Seal_family2017_614

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