Alyssa Gaudet | Lutcher High School senior model | Lutcher, Louisiana

Alyssa Gaudet is our beautiful, fun and smart high school senior model at Lutcher High School for the 2015-16 year. She is so much fun to be around. As you will see in the photos below from our senior model party.

Alyssa is not only beautiful but she is a dedicated student, she spends a lot of her time studying because she wants to finish high school with good grades. She has plans to study nursing in college and then further her education in law to become a nurse attorney.



Living in Lutcher has been a awesome way to grow up. Alyssa loves to ride four-wheelers and go down to the river. She also loves hanging out at The Creole House where her and her friends listen to bands and eat good cajun food. They have great burgers, seafood and gumbo. Alyssa is excited about going hunting with her boyfriend in the winter where she just might get to kill her first deer. Alyssa also loves to go froggin’ with her friends which is basically looking for frogs with a flash light at night from a flat boat and catching them in a net. Cajun livin’ is the best.

If Alyssa could travel anywhere in the world she would love to visit Greece. With her tan, she would fit right into the culture;)




The photos below are from our senior model party. Alyssa brought so much fun to our party. She is fun to shoot. The models had a good time.


We got the privilege to shoot Alyssa in nature, she seemed to be right in her element. Check out her photos below. When we asked Alyssa to describe herself in three words she said, “random, open minded and well rounded”. I think these photos reflect these words.


Alyssa brought her dream catchers to our shoot and we loved shooting her in nature with them.


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