Brothers are best / Baton Rouge Senior photography


Jeffrey and Gregory were both class of 2015 seniors. They are brothers that love each other that will be friends for life. Documenting their connection was refreshing and inspiring. They were both free spirited were able to forget that they were in front of a camera and have a good time.  Karen, their mother says,”They have a special communication, kind of like twins.”

Jeffrey (on the left) is headed to Loyola in New Orleans to study fine arts. He will be studying screen writing and digital film making. He graduated with honors from LSMSA spring of 2015. Gregory (on the right) is at the Technical College in Baton Rouge, studying graphic arts with hopes to also practice photography. Although Gregory has autism, it has not slowed him down. He has a great out look on life and the future. These brothers are going to accomplish great things.


Eye Wander Photo Studio, Baton Rouge, La


Eye Wander Photo Studio, Baton Rouge, La


Cinclares Sugar Mill, Brusly, La.


Cinclares Sugar Mill, Brusly, La.


Cinclares Sugar Mill, Brusly, La.

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