We love what we do, we love seeing your face when we show you yourself at your most beautiful; your family at their most connected; your children at their most innocent.

Griffin Girl shoot 2014| Streets of New Orleans | Grunge Fashion

It’s time for the Griffin girls sister photo shoot. We do one every year! This year we went with a relaxed look on the streets of New Orleans. Right outside of the Rusty Nail bar on Constant Street. I love shooting the Griffin girls. McKenzie (the youngest) had a gig singing with her band, Walker Lukins and the Sidearms at the Rusty Nail. We decided to take advantage of the fact that she was in town and we did a midnight shoot. You will see that we wanted each girl to be wearing a plaid pattern. The Photo shoot was nicknamed “The Plaid” shoot.  Shooting at midnight was interesting in New Orleans, a had a little audience… People walking their dogs, customers of the local bars. 


0D4_57030D4_57700D4_57740D4_5794blur                                                Dori Griffin New Orleans local. She is number 2 and she has two adorable children. She is a super talented Mom and has a “onsie” company called Onsie of a Kind for babies based out of New Orleans.


Jency(my wife) is a talented actress and film maker splits her time between acting, assisting Aaron, teaching acting and producing movies. Most recently Madeline’s Oil.

0D4_5829blur                                                                     McKenzie Rose is the baby. She is a super talented singer and tambourine player. She lives in Austin, Tx. where she is pursuing her career as a singer.

0D4_5834blur                                                Allie Griffin is number 3, she is a talented singer, painter, volleyball player and fitness model. She is a trainer at Future Fitness in Baton Rouge. You can also buy her greeting cards at Mag Pie.


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