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Revolution Restaurant Marriage Proposal in New Orleans

new orleans courtyard revolution restaurant
Spoiler alert: She said “YES”! Dominik’s proposal to his girlfriend (Victoria) of 1.5 years inside the epic Revolution Restaurant which is located within the courtyard of the historic Royal Sonnesta Hotel in New Orleans was one of the more exhilarating marriage proposal sessions I’ve photographed.

Photographing marriage proposals is among my favorite type of photography, especially in the French Quarter.

When Dominik called me to request my services to document his proposal to Victoria inside a restaurant in the heart of the French Quarter, I knew it was going to be beautiful. The staff at the restaurant always artfully presents an elaborately decorated box of chocolates at the end of each meal (after the regular dessert). The ring would be put into the top of the box and opened only after the other drawers of chocolates were revealed. It was a perfect plan, and it worked!

I waited 30 minutes as they slowly ate their meal, then dessert, then chatted some, held hands, you get the picture. Super picturesque and extremely romantic. I had to wonder if she knew Dominik was going to pop the question. But all along she had no idea. Finally when the staff grabbed me to let me know the box was about to be presented to the couple’s table, I got super excited and nervous at the same time.

The restaurant was dimly lit, so I knew I needed to choose my low-light settings on the camera, since I would never use a flash to ruin the beauty of this moment. When the chocolate box was presented to their table, Victoria’s face as she saw what was in the top flip-open drawer among the roses…priceless! Disbelief.
revolution restaurant in new orleansrevolution restaurant in new orleansoysters at revolution restaurant in new orleanswedding ring in bar at revolution restaurant in new orleans

ring hidden inside chocolate box at revolution restaurant

Engagement ring is cleverly hidden inside the elaborate chocolate box at Revolution Restaurant.

wine cellar at revolution restaurantnew-orleans-marriage-proposal_08

I love the disbelief on Victoria

I love the disbelief on Victoria’s face!






revolution restaurant marriage proposal at royal sonnesta in french quarter of new orleans



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