Pet photographer | Baton Rouge, La | New Orleans, La

There is one kind of love that I enjoy to capture. That is the love between a pet and its owner.  I have learned through my own dog, Lily, that this sort of  love is unconditional. I love when Lily runs up to greet me after a long day of work and licks me all over my face. As she was growing up I took numerous pictures of her (some of which are included in this blog). I look back on the photos on a daily basis to think back on the memories made. I also use these photos to brag to friends and family about her cuteness. I look forward to capturing many pets and their owners for them to also share the wonderful memories made.  Braden_39Braden_42D3A_36723SA_47423SA_70730D4_86530D4_89340D4_83530D4_85900D4_58570D4_68410D4_57900D4_58500D4_32770D4_57310D4_32540D4_32640D4_14240D4_1272square

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