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Grandson Grandfather pictures

This Valentine’s Day at Eye Wander Photo is about love in all it’s forms. I’ve gathered photos with the common theme of red, a color usually associated with romantic love. However, this post is more than just the traditional Valentine’s Love. Here we have family pictures of your grandson, baby pictures, toddler pictures, and high school pictures. It is amazing to be able to see your child grow up, and Eye Wander Photo can capture it. We also highlight the things that people are passionate about, because our passions fuel us and give us life. When I shoot weddings, everything is about love! From the massive New Orleans wedding cathedrals and beautiful Baton Rouge wedding churches that have seen so many united, to you and your partner preparing to embark on the rest of your lives, to the smallest details that you have planned for weeks, years, a lifetime! You will have vibrant visual memories of your wedding day. And in all of these photos, I get to share my loves, my passions: my amazing wife Jency, my sweet dog Lily, and of course my fulfillment in capturing what is important in peoples’ lives. Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

Baby in a wagon

When I shoot high school senior photos, I ask them about their interests. I watch as their faces come to life.  THAT’S what I want to capture.  And that’s what you’ll remember every time you see these photos.

^Teaser: More pictures to come from this fun New Orleans Wedding at Ogden Museum of Southern Art^

I love how stunning the red door at St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Baton Rouge for Wedding photography

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