Aaron and Jency Hogan St. Francisville wedding video – July 24, 2011

The wedding of my beautiful bride Jency Griffin to myself took place at 7pm in St. Francisville, LA at the private property of the Bardwell family. It was a planned over a total of 42 days as I proposed to Jency in San Francisco inside an H&M Clothing Store’s dressing room…as I was wearing her dress! Jency’s sister Allie Griffin was with us during the San Francisco trip and took photos of us the next day at the Headlands across the bay with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. See the story below.

It was a true field wedding complete with tree stumps as seats and generators/portable toilets at the dinner area. Three weeks later, after our honeymoon in Glacier National Park, Montana, we had a reception in Baton Rouge at the Baton Rouge Art Gallery (City Park) in which we invited a couple hundred friends and family members.

Enjoy my wedding video shot by Tommy Talley

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