We love what we do, we love seeing your face when we show you yourself at your most beautiful; your family at their most connected; your children at their most innocent.

Meet the Eye Wander Photo staff – Baton Rouge wedding & portrait photography

Have you ever wondered who works behind the scenes of Eye Wander Photo?

Of course, there is Aaron, photographer extraordinaire! However, he has several others working hard to help his vision come to life!

Well, here we are…the Eye Wander Photo team! And yes, we do get a little silly sometimes…

First there is Aaron, the owner & president of Eye Wander Photo. He is hilarious & a lot of fun!

So silly…

Jency is Aaron’s wife. She is a huge source of support for Aaron! She is really sweet, fun & a great person to have around!

Jency assists Aaron on a lot of photo shoots.

We can’t leave out Lily! Lily Girl is Aaron & Jency’s sweet puppy! Isn’t she precious?!

A happy little family!

Sheila, Aaron’s mom, is also an important part of the Eye Wander Photo team. She handles the bookkeeping, assists Aaron on photo shoots, and takes care of anything else that is needed throughout each day.

Katie is the editor of Eye Wander Photo. Once Aaron completes a photo shoot, she gets right to work on editing each picture, bringing each shot to its full potential. We think she does a great job!

 Hannah does it all. From training us on the new database we are using to painting the new office… she is here when she is needed to help out!

And yes, she & Katie are sisters!!

 Carolynn designs the photo books from the weddings, senior sessions and baby’s first year sessions. She does a beautiful job!

She is married to Preston, our web designer. What a cute couple!


Hope you enjoyed meeting the Eye Wander Photo Team!

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