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Wedding Details: The Wedding Veil

The veil is a classic wedding piece, dating back even to ancient Rome in origin! Veils are the finishing touch to a wedding dress, topping off the beauty of the dress and giving that “now I look like a bride” feeling. Veils are another detail I’ve found really capture the personality of the bride in an elegant way. Some brides love having the long trailing cathedral style veil, others have veils edged with lace and others go for a modern short veil or a birdcage veil with a unique hairpiece. As a photographer, I enjoy being creative with the veil; they are such a mysterious object-translucent, shimmery, slippery, flexible and beautiful. I enjoy capturing light through a veil, shaping it in the wind to create gorgeous bridal photos and if it’s long enough, letting other people get “inside” the veil for a fun group wedding photo. Enjoy some of these beautiful veil shots and be inspired for what we can do with your veil in your wedding photos.

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