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Wedding Details: Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

When I shoot a wedding, I am very attentive to capture not only the most important moments of the wedding, but also the most important details. After all, the details of each wedding paint a picture of the personality of the bride and groom and enhance the overall documentation of their wedding day. Today I’m highlighting the detail that starts it all: the engagement ring. Beautiful diamonds, intricate bands, family heirloom rings, and stellar men’s wedding bands, what’s not to love?

I often use my surroundings to help capture the details. Using a plant or flower native to the New Orleans climate, a peeling-painted wall in downtown Baton Rouge, or a tropical leaf in Jamaica, I enjoy letting natural surroundings enhance the details of the shot and leave the bride and groom with genuine mementos from their wedding in their photographs. Enjoy this sampling of gorgeous wedding ring photos (and gorgeous rings!) from weddings I’ve shot over the years.


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