We love what we do, we love seeing your face when we show you yourself at your most beautiful; your family at their most connected; your children at their most innocent.

Baton Rouge actor headshots | New Orleans head shots

Perkins Rowe is the perfect place for actor headshots in Baton Rouge.

Actor head shots in Baton Rouge and New Orleans are one of the little treats I get to photograph, as I make a connection to an actor in a quick way and bring out the best in them within an hour outdoor session. The actor headshots I provide on location in both Baton Rouge and in New Orleans are against natural backgrounds but the focus is blurred to put 100% of the emphasis on the expression and eyes of the actor.
I enjoy these one hours sessions because I get to glimpse into their world to taste what it’s like to be inside their mind for just a moment. With my sessions, I request the actor have three different shirts ready.

Generally, the rule of thumb with actor headshots is to avoid white, red and black colors in clothing, however these rules can be bent sometimes. Below are examples of head shots in which the actor chose to wear white as well as red in various shots, and in all honesty, I feel those shots work perfectly with those actors. A good rule is to bring bold colors that bring emphasis to your face. An agent will be looking at your actor headshots among many other competitors, all presented as small thumbnails on a computer monitor and your headshot must jump out to him or her immediately. Practice a good serious expression as well as a general commercial “smile” that looks natural, and then a third expression that shows your ability/personality more.

Best part is the price! I charge $250 for 1 hour of my time on-location in Baton Rouge (downtown or mid-city area) and you get a disc of up to 40 images straight from camera (unedited).

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