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Baton Rouge Pet & Dog Photography at Baton Rouge City Park I Harry 1.5.13

Louisiana Pet Photography

Other than long walks on the beach, a cold drink and getting caught in the rain, Harold, aka “Harry” loves relentlessly chasing after the squirrels in the Baton Rouge City Park golf course.  On a “picture perfect” day (no pun intended) this past fall, I went to hang out with my friend Hayley, and loved getting to take photos of her passionate dog Harry at the park.  He has an insatiable hunger for adventure as well as a compassionate and tender love for his momma (Hayley).  Every photo that I took convinced me that this beautiful Golden Labradoodle’s little smirk was his way of saying “I know I look good.”

Aside from the deep thoughts of Harry, his normal, dog-like self loved chasing the Baton Rouge squirrels all around the park. He ran around with a pure, unhindered freedom and an untouched joy.  Harry posed like a champ and was such a photogenic dog.  I hope you get as much happiness looking at these photos as I did taking them.

Harry 02

Harry 03

Harry 05

Harry 06

Harry 07

Harry 08

Harry 09

Harry 10

Harry 11

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