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Marriage proposal at Oak Alley Plantation photographed | Erik & Stacy

Every once in a while I get the rare opportunity to witness and artfully photograph a guy proposing marriage to his girlfriend. In this case, the guy, Erik, called me just a few days before he was to pop the question at Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, LA, which is one of my favorite locations to photograph weddings (I’m honored to be one of Oak Alley’s preferred wedding photographers). He wanted me to be hidden along the path leading up to the mansion until the time came for him to propose, at which time I would document the entire proposal.

He and his girlfriend, Stacy, both from Loveland, CO, took a tour of Oak Alley’s grounds along with the mansion, and then at the end of the tour, they walked towards the levee. The plan was for him to drop to one knee asking Stacy for her hand in marriage as they walked back towards the mansion. I had made an “x” on the path in black tape to mark where the proposal was to take place.

Everything worked perfectly and Stacy had no clue I was there to document her. She even saw me a couple times with my assistant, but I made it seem like I was there photographing my assistant in front of the mansion. After the proposal and the tears of extreme joy, I took photos of the newly engaged couple around the property for half an hour enjoying some of the best light Louisiana has to offer in the late afternoon of early April.

The last couple photos are of the ring and yes, that’s a blue sapphire underneath the diamond…so unique! Way to go Erik!

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p3 lightbox gal placeholder Marriage proposal at Oak Alley Plantation photographed | Erik & Stacy

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