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Engagement session in New Orleans | Alicia & Cory 11.28.10

Engagement sessions, even those in majestic New Orleans (French Quarter) can sometimes be mundane if the couple doesn’t bring a certain magic to the table. Alicia and Cory certainly brought on the magic! In late November this super fun couple met me in the Marigny district of New Orleans and from the beginning of the early afternoon session we were all on point. Though I normally don’t shoot in mid-day light due to harsh shadows, the winter months are more forgiving with the direction of the sun and there were tons of alleys to shield the light. I had so much fun with the couple I didn’t want to stop shooting to catch my St. Louis flight that afternoon.

We went through Jackson Square, found gorgeous backlight, water pouring from a balcony, and amazingly rich color. Alicia’s sultry looks made for some nice eye candy as she worked the camera. On March 26, 2011 Alicia and Cory marry at Afton Villa Gardens in St. Francisville, LA. As you scroll through the photos, please feel free to make comments. See the slideshow at the bottom of this post. Thanks for viewing.

Alicia loves jumping all over Cory.

Dang girl, you look great!

Sultry. Seductive.

One of my favorite walls in the French Quarter. Ivy gets me everytime.

I adore the fact that Alicia is so passionate in this kiss but Cory is standing like a soldier.

For some reason water was pouring from the balcony above.

Alicia is full of laughs. Always. And Cory even laughed in the background.

Where's Cory?

One of my favorites! I enjoy seeing my clients lay down in monkey grass. They have so much trust in the end result which is BALLER!

I love this shot - from the off center framing to the obvious connection they have.

Hands down, best photo from the session.

Will work for romance.

Sometimes you just gotta drag him to get your way.

Then again sometimes you have to yank her back to reality.

New Orleans engagement photography
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