Baby photography in Baton Rouge | Adia @ 3 months March 2010

Erin and Nicholas brought little curious Adia to my studio in March for her first professional baby portrait session. It was time for her three month old portraits. Her huge eyes buzzed and whirled with amazement at the big soft studio lights. I felt blessed to capture the most special bond among the family with a new addition. Adia is scheduled for 3 more sessions with me so I can document her first year of development. We’re looking forward to putting a book of the best together at the end of the year. I offer a “baby plan” option for people wishing to document their baby’s first year. Contact me for more information about it.

Adia's most beautiful scared face. Reminds me of an Eastern Eurpoean immigrant baby.

baby photography Baton Rouge

family photography in Baton Rouge

Adia at 3 months with her parents Erin and Nicholas.

Family photography in Baton Rouge

Mom and Adia

newborn photography Baton Rouge

The sweetest kiss a dad can give his daughter

newborn photography Baton Rouge

Daddy Nicholas and Adia showing off their best frowns

newborn photography Baton Rouge

family photography Baton Rouge

Giggling little girl

baby photography Baton Rouge

She loves those fingers!

family photographer in Baton Rouge

Packing for the trip of a lifetime.

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