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Free Senior Citizens Portrait Session | Volunteers needed Dec. 12, 2009

As the cover photographer for the East Baton Rouge Council On Aging’s monthly magazine/newsletter Platinum Record, I have been wanting to serve them through my profession as a photographer in a meaningful way. Once I heard about the Help-Portrait movement, I immediately thought of Baton Rouge’s often overlooked senior citizen community. The Platinum Record‘s editor Jeremy Theriot helped me organize an event to provide free portrait photography to 40 seniors and their families on Dec. 12.

Do you know of a senior citizen who would like a family portrait this holiday season? I will be teaming up with another local Baton Rouge portrait photographer and a makeup/hair  artist at the Cortana Mall EBRCOA senior activity center Dec. 12, 2009 photographing 40 families who win our free portrait session giveaway. Interested individuals can sign up for a chance to win the session at any of the many EBRCOA senior activity centers around town. Go to the EBRCOA’s website for info on how to contact the different senior centers.

I am looking for volunteers for the Dec. 12 event from 11am-6pm. If you are interested in helping out at the event in anyway (keeping the seniors company, serving them food, answering questions, helping to setup/tear down, etc.) contact me via email here: [email protected]

Help Portrait Flyer

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